Seminar Series – 16/05/15

Pesky Gnats! –  Can we use computer games and apps to transform the delivery of mental health interventions to young people

Gary O’Reilly presents his research to the School of Applied Psychology – all welcome.

PAT Group Meeting

We are having a reading group session, based on the paper:

A theory-based online health behaviour intervention for new university students (U@Uni): results from a randomised controlled trial (2014)


Epton, Norman, Dadzie, Harris, Webb, Sheeran, Julious, Ciravegna, Brennan,, Meier, Naughton, Petroczi, Kruger, and Shah

All are welcome to join us.

Lightning Talk – 17/12/14

Misogyny and Munchausen: Socially Unacceptable Behaviour on the Internet

Steve Warren and Aideen Lawlor present their research during one of the SoAP’s Lightning Talks.