Dr. Noirin Curran

 In 2013, Noirin completed a PhD in the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork, where she has been a member of the Human Factors Research Group and the People and Technology Research Group since 2007. Her doctoral thesis was entitled "The Psychology of Immersion and the Development of a Quantitative Measure of Immersive Response in Games".



Dr. Mary Joyce

 Mary Joyce studied Music and Psychology at undergraduate level in UCC. She then went on to complete the Higher Diploma in Psychology, also at UCC. Mary has completed her PhD in the measurement of Internet attitudes and Internet self-efficacy. In particular, she focused on developing standardised scales which measure these two constructs independent of one another.


Ruth Madigan

Dr. Ruth Madigan

Ruth completed her PhD by looking at driver behaviour, in particular the manner in which both novice and experienced drivers handle hazards encountered while driving. She developed a driver training programme which focuses on intense training in perception and control skills, along with training in situation awareness.