Dr. Jurek Kirakowski




Jurek Kirakowski comes from a practical computer science and psychology background. His speciality is quantitative measurement in human-computer interaction and he has contributed numerous books, articles, and workshops to this theme. His major research goal has been to show and indeed prove how the quality of use of Information Technology products can, and should be, quantitatively measured in an objective manner in order to make the technology more effective. He is a Statutory Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology where he teaches on methodology and statistics issues as well as HCI, and is also the director of the Human Factors Research Group. This group, which was founded in 1984, has developed three main objectives under his leadership: to expand and disseminate information about usability in the wider Information Technology community; to engage in innovative projects with industry in a consultancy capacity; and to develop reliable measurement tools. For the latter, Dr Kirakowski and his group have contributed the SUMI (Software Usability Measurement Inventory), and most recently the WAMMI (Web site Analysis and Measurement Inventory) questionnaires, which are both by now ‘de-facto’ standards in their respective areas.