Kellie Morrissey



I’m a researcher and PhD candidate in the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork. I completed my BA in Applied Psychology in 2012 and am currently pursuing my PhD, supervised by Professor John McCarthy and funded by the Irish Research Council. My research focuses on the lived experience of people with dementia living in publically-funded, long-stay units in Ireland, with a view towards how we can understand their experiences and, through effective digital design interventions, begin to enrich their lives. My work is primarily ethnographic and qualitative, using participative and creative methodologies as well as an Experience-Centred Design methodology and drawing from participative HCI and artistic projects.

I am also involved with research projects concerning the user experience of artificial intelligence and cultural practices in online subcultures concerning expressions of sexuality and masculinity. I am also employed in consultation work concerning assessing the usability and user experience of websites. My work has been presented internationally and I have also received grants to work internationally on participative and design-based projects. My main research interests include participatory methodology, ethnography, cultural psychology and sensemaking, design, health and old age psychology, and work with vulnerable populations.